Nick Earl

Nick Earl is a potter who lives in Stillwater, MN. He received his BA in Art from the University of Vermont, Burlington in 2011, and apprenticed with potter Dick Cooter in Two Harbors, MN from 2012-2014. Nick currently maintains his studio at the Abnet Farm 8 miles north of Stillwater. His wheel-thrown pots are influenced by medieval Korean, Japanese, and English pottery, as well as by nature, food, and imperfection.

“I make pots and am continually fascinated by the softness and reception of the clay from which they are made. When successful, these qualities translate into the finished pieces, objects that will hopefully enrich the regular ceremonies of life.

I have a strong interest in art history and I try to exhibit the strength and beauty I see in old pots in my own work. Cooking is also of great interest to me and my work being mostly functional has a lot to do with the storage, preparation, and presentation of food.”

Host at the 2018 Abnet Farm Art Show and Sale

September 15-16 10:00am – 5:00pm

Abnet Farm

16885 Square Lake Trail North Stillwater, MN

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