Richard Vincent



Richard Vincent works at his home studio in North Branch, Minnesota. His work is best known for the botanical inspired pieces he creates with porcelain clay. Starting with a wheel thrown piece, altering the form wet or carving when leather- hard, and brushing slip for relief, he creates functional vessels that reference leaves or blossoms.

Richard says “I’m experiencing a renaissance of my creative spirit and have been exploring new forms, techniques, and glazes. Using clay slabs, drape molds, and various texturing methods I’m adding a new dimension to my line of pots. I’m excited by the geometric patterns, weaved lines, and glaze on glaze color variations of this work.”

Since opening his first studio in 1979 Richard has shown his work at Fine Art juried shows, sold to select galleries, is a host potter at his North Branch studio during the St Croix Valley Pottery Studio Tour, and a demonstrating artist during the Wisconsin Fall Art Tour at Byers studio in Rock Springs, WI.

He now enjoys sharing his knowledge by teaching workshops and as a Community Ed ceramics instructor in the Chisago Lakes School system, K-adult classes. His pottery can be seen online at Richard also has a passion for nature photography and his images can be seen online at


Artist Statement

The ordered patterns and graceful liveliness of plants serve as inspiration for my work with porcelain clay. The botanical artistry of the Creator has always captivated me. My intention often is to create functional pots with an essence of the botanical nature. Recently I’ve seen my work in transition as I’m rediscovering the child within and enjoying making new forms and using techniques that are creating pots less botanical in nature, but are rich in texture and color. I’ll continue to create botanical inspired pieces but am enjoying the freedom to explore.

My photography passion stems from my utter enjoyment of all things seen in nature and my desire to share some of the beauty of what I see. The quest to capture a grand landscape, a singing warbler, flowing water, or the details of a butterfly with my camera thrill me. Bringing the image to print and sharing it with others is the icing, so to speak.

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