the showroom

Preparing for the show, artists will start arriving tomorrow.

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  1. Laura and Terry Henry says:

    We met Richard and Edie many years ago when we lived on 17 acres on Lansing Avenue in Grant, near Stillwater, Minnesota. (We raised wine grapes and many, many vegetables that we often gave away to Second Harvest.) During our many excursions in Washington County, we found the farm near Marine and became collectors of some of Richard’s pottery. We loved them.

    Soon, we met Edie and loved her “spiritual” art. To celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary back in September 2000, we commissioned a large painting that applied her style to show our grapes, squash, tomatoes, and etc. We remember Edie visiting us on our land to gain a sense of our quest. We hung the painting in a place of honor when we lived on our land.

    In 2006, health forced to move to our condo in downtown St. Paul, MN. Edie’s painting is now hung in a place of honor in our home. We now have 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren (with a 5th on the was very soon). Se sold our land and home to our youngest daughter and her husband.

    We had no idea about the death of Richard, and our hearts go out Edie. We wonder if we could reconnect with Edie via email.

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