About the Artist: Linda Oliver

Botanicals, landscape and portraits are primary subjects for painting and photography. Largely self-taught, the artist paints with oil paints, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media or crowquill and ink, for realistic and impressionistic qualities. Using photography and a sketchbook, the artist records and interprets shapes, colors and emerging light patterns to tell a compelling visual story.
During high school and following years, the artist studied art, did commissioned artwork, exhibiting and selling art in shows and fairs. Schooled in commercial design, the artist worked in corporations, later owning a graphic design firm. Teaching botanical and fine art in Minneapolis art centers and the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, the artist specialized in botanical painting, sharing painting experience and process with students of all ages.
A trip to France with a small group of women proved to be a turning point. Traveling around France, the artist was immersed in art and history found in all regions of exploration. A special side trip to Monet’s Garden in Giverny, demonstrated why the artist Monet, transformed the beauty of his flowers into impressionistic paintings, a visual artist’s story about his private gardens. History and art were seamless companions in France that evoked a deeper appreciation of humanity and the arts.
In recent years, the artist has returned to rural scenes and nature for paintings and photography of portraits, wild flowers, old barns and the fields that stretch out into distant landscapes. Vanishing artifacts of work and home, the people and animals who helped build this country, where are they now? Through the artist’s eyes there will always be a need to create and paint the beauty that exists in nature.
Contact Information:
Linda L.Oliver
12525 Twenty.Sixth Avenue North
Plymouth. Minnesota 55441
Phone: 612.554.4441
Email: lloliverdesign@visi.com
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